The Art of Ikebana

The Art of Ikebana

Learn the basic techniques and styles of Ikebana with Aya Sugino

September 26 2023
6:30 - 8:00PM

Labour of Love | 223 Carlton Street, Toronto
(south-side of Carlton, west of Parliament street)

Unlike traditional western floral arrangements, which focus on how to conceal the “mechanics” of the design, Japanese Ikebana highlights it. The four principles are a fresh approach, movement, balance and harmony.

You’ll see this workshop is more than learning about flower arrangement. Ikebana is a transient art, with a significant focus on self-reflection and mindfulness as part of the process. It’s about getting in touch with your inner-self, through the creation of the arrangement and learning how to connect your hands to your heart and soul, to find calm, gratitude and happiness through life’s chaos.

Join us and learn the basic techniques and styles of Ikebana with Aya Sugino(a certified teacher from the Sogetsu Ikebana School in Tokyo, who holds the rank of Teacher’s Diploma 1st grade Somu.) If your time permits, we recommend taking two of her classes. Pursue the art of Ikebana and improve your everyday mood by changing the ambience of your living space.


In this series Aya will teach us:

  • Basic Ikebana rules and techniques
  • How to use Ikebana tools
  • How to create an Ikebana composition

Materials included:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Suiban Vase
  • Kenzan (flower frog)
  • Handouts
About Aya Sugino

Aya Sugino is an Ikebana artist, born in Japan, and based in Toronto, where she has been teaching Ikebana since 2010 and also working as an interior designer. Aya blended her Ikebana skills with her experience as an interior designer, bringing about a perfect marriage of her two passions. She puts emphasis on teaching and on the joy and wonder of creation. Aya is a certified teacher from Sogetsu Ikebana School in Tokyo and holds the rank of Teacher’s Diploma 1st grade Somu.

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