Maker Residence

Labour of Love Maker Residence offers creators an intimate platform to showcase and sell their unique creations in a brick & mortar storefront, all while activating the community through a multi-functional space that serves as a platform for performances, talks, workshops, art exhibits, and other in-person engagements. These activations are designed to foster community bonds and expand residents’ personal and professional networks. 

Maker Spotlight

Aimée Kennedy

Toronto designer Aimée Kennedy’s jewelry is imbued with strength and passion. Influenced by her fascination with artistic history and modern design, each piece has a tension between these contrasting elements.

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Anne-Marie Chagnon

Mostly known as an artist jeweller, Montreal-based Anne-Marie Chagnon is above all a multidisciplinary artist. Art, drawing, and sculpture are part of the jewellery creation process.

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Cedar & Vine

Discover a Saskatchewan slow fashion atelier specializing in made-to-order garments. Indulge in the pleasure of selecting fabric colours and having your measurements taken at our store.

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Dora Nola

Born and raised in the greater Montreal area, Manuela Jarry created Dora Nola – which embodies courage, vivid colours, and unapologetic individuality through art, scarves and other fashion accessories.

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Hailey Gerrits

Vancouver jewellery designer Hailey Gerrits knows how to evoke an understated glamour and sophistication in each of her pieces. Her jewellery is decidedly unique:  not only is each piece handmade, but construction with unique gems and aged metals imbues each piece with an image of the past and all of its romance.

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Matter Company

A Toronto based natural skincare line focused on the healing power of herbs. Their ethos has always been about respecting the natural world and thinking about what matters most.

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Let's reimagine retail

Labour of Love is both our name and our mission. We've identified the challenges faced by makers, the changing trends, and the need for a space that supports creativity and community building. We want to build it.  With your support, we can create a sustainable model that benefits everyone involved and is built on caring partnerships.

Are you a maker?

Join us at Labour of Love, where less is more, and quality reigns supreme. Together, we can build a thriving community of makers, artists, and appreciators of fine craftsmanship. Discover the joy of a new kind of retail and event space, where each visit is an opportunity to explore, connect, and create unforgettable experiences.

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