One-on-One Astrology Readings

One-on-One Astrology Readings

Book a 60 minute private reading with Lady Samantha

October 14 2023
11AM - 5PM

Labour of Love | 223 Carlton Street, Toronto
(south-side of Carlton, west of Parliament street)

In this 60 minute private reading, Lady Samantha will take a look at major transits affecting your natal chart right now and in the near future, as well as the changes those transits bring to your life. The goal of this session is to provide the client with an objective view of their constitution in life and support them in making choices and feeling seen.

A natal chart is a snap shot of the placement of the planets relative to your position on earth at the moment you were born. This chart shows the patterns in your life and personality that enable you to grow and learn. Having your natal chart read can shed light on your strengths, areas for growth, relationship patterns, career potential, family dynamics and the shadow self with lessons associated with you.

Feel free to ask questions or steer the dialogue towards a particular area of interest or situation that is happening in your life.

This one-on-one session includes:
  • A print out of your natal chart
  • Complimentary refreshments

About Lady Samantha

Lady Samantha is an astrologer, author, entrepreneur, and teacher. She is the visionary mind behind Moons of Avalon Astrology School and Online Membership Community and The Rock Store Crystal Store and Healing Centre in downtown Toronto. She has been studying spirituality, ritual, astrology, and mythology for two decades. Her astrological practice blends modern, hellenistic and other traditional forms of astrological analysis. More info about her can be found here or

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