A Night of Singing, Reading and Mingling with Fides Krucker

A Night of Singing, Reading and Mingling with Fides Krucker

Join us for an evening celebrating the unfettered human voice

September 21 2023
6:30 - 8:00PM

Labour of Love | 223 Carlton Street, Toronto
(south-side of Carlton, west of Parliament street)

Savour the last bits of summer and join us for an evening celebrating the unfettered human voice. Fides will read from her book Reclaiming Calliope and answer questions from the audience. Bassist Rob Clutton and pianist Tania Gill will join her to perform a handful of songs. There will be time to mingle over an elegant cold brew tea and buy a book or two!

Praise for Reclaiming Calliope

“Reclaiming Calliope is both a finely wrought, intimate artistic memoir and a triumphant journal of a lifelong quest for the authentic, liberated female voice in face of historical and present-day patriarchal disdain.”

—GABOR MATÉ, MD, author of When the Body Says No and In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

“An utterly unique and groundbreaking exploration of voice. Weaving together personal, political, and historical anecdotes about singing, opera, and female agency, Krucker reminds us of the honesty of our bodies. You will fall in love with gravity and with the truth of the raw voice. You will fall in love with this book.”

—TESSA MCWATT, author of Shame on Me

About Fides Krucker

Fides Krucker has sung, produced and created contemporary opera and interdisciplinary work in Canada and abroad for forty years. She is an avant garde singer & radical voice teacher. Her book Reclaiming Calliope: Freeing the Female Voice through Undomesticated Singing (North Atlantic Books) re-wilds the human voice through body-based emotional integration. In 1991 Fides founded the interdisciplinary performance ensemble URGE; their final work received two Dora awards and was published by Playwrights Canada. In 2018 her company, Good Hair Day Productions—known for groundbreaking lyric-theatre—presented In This Body at Canadian Stage with dancers Heidi Strauss, Laurence Lemieux and Peggy Baker. Fides has collaborated extensively with PBDP, composing award winning vocal scores for the company’s dancers. Her own voice is noted for its “staggering range and control…less an instrument than a force of nature.” Fides taught voice at Humber College for twenty years and facilitates a wide range of artists in Canada and the US. Her two-year Emotionally Integrated Voice teacher training programme graduated its first cohort of eleven students in August 2023.

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