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Cedar & Vine

While most brands design for the masses by guessing what people will like, Cedar & Vine are designing enduring pieces that you’ll build a lifelong relationship with—and then they are made by hand just for you. Cedar & Vine focuses on foundational, timeless styles that you’ll reach for day after day and season after season. For them, it’s about more than creating something beautiful to wear—it’s a reflection of their values and a source of pride.

About Cedar & Vine

Cedar and Vine started simply; it was born out of Jo's love for linen and desire to design quality garments with intention. She wanted to create garments that would be lived in and loved for years - clothing that would go against the fast fashion consumer trend that is so prevalent in our current world.

Jo looks at intentional design as a process that works for good and benefits everything affected by the product. This includes the people who create, model, and market the garments, good ol' mother earth, and of course YOU - the end user.

As the saying goes "There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness." For Jo this means making products right in their own studio; where she and her team can ensure that the entire process aligns with the Cedar and Vine brand values.

The reason behind made-for-you

As a women-led team of designers and makers, Jo and her team know that finding clothing that fits our ever-evolving bodies isn’t as simple as picking a number on a size chart. That’s why they take the time to understand your unique shape, using your measurements to alter the fit of our core styles so you can feel at peace in your body—whether that means extra length in the leg or a roomier fit through the hip.

The goal? Hearing you say, “I live in this.”

Made to measure

Try on what’s in store, or let us help you customize the fit and find the perfect colour through our swatches.

Maker Residence

Cedar & Vine is part of our Maker Residence program. Discover the joy of a new kind of retail and event space, where each visit is an opportunity to explore, connect, and create unforgettable experiences.

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