Kevin Charlie

Kevin Charlie is an esteemed sound bath artist, renowned for orchestrating immersive soundscapes that promote deep relaxation, healing, and spiritual connection. With a profound passion for the transformative power of sound, Kevin utilizes a harmonious blend of singing bowls, gong, chimes, and other carefully selected instruments to guide participants through a journey of inner exploration and rejuvenation.
Kevin's roots are deeply embedded in the heart of Kawartha Lakes' cottage country, where lakes, rivers, forests and fields stretch far and wide. It was here that he cultivated a profound connection with the environment during his upbringing. His childhood unfolded in a series of contemplative moments such as lying under the soothing shade of tall whispering pines, tending to gardens, harvesting strawberries or gathering wildflowers. Other moments included climbing trees in the cedar forest, weekends away camping with family and playing in the river. Napping on a natural hammock formed by grapevines above the forest floor, or savouring the cool refreshment of a woodland spring in the winter were also formative favourites. It was in these quiet moments that Kevin's bond with nature deepened, each experience etching a lasting connection to the world around him.
Though initially drawn to the pragmatic worlds of medical science and justice, and having served in the funeral service industry, Kevin’s soul was always tethered to the creative pulse of art and music. His professional journey meandered through the worlds of retail, hospitality and grocery operations, where he sharpened his understanding of community dynamics, kinship and service. Nevertheless, the elemental pull of nature, coupled with the siren songs of music and art, persistently summoned him back to his core passions.
Today, Kevin stands at the confluence of these streams—his life's journey, an odyssey that has led him to this very moment. With gratitude and a heart full of experiences, Kevin channels his innate passion into the creation of sound baths that are not just auditory experiences but gateways to peace and relaxation, introspection, and elevation. He is an artist dedicated to uplifting the collective soul and revealing hidden doors to those who wander, knowingly or not, in search of them.


In my role as a sound bath artist, I dedicate myself to crafting experiences that elevate sound beyond mere listening, turning them into opportunities for transformation, relaxation, and deep personal discovery. Each session I create is a meditative sound journey inward, an escape from the noise of daily life into the tranquility that nature offers us.
My sound bath experiences are a subtle dance between stillness, sound, and the natural world. I blend ambient environmental sounds with the ethereal sounds of quartz crystal singing bowls, gong, and chimes and other carefully selected instruments. Together, they create a resonance of vibrations, a cocoon of sound that cradles the listener, inviting the waves to be felt within the very core of the body and spirit.
The instruments I select for each sound bath are chosen with purpose and played with intuition and intention. They are my partners in harmonizing the space between us and the environment, each tone sounding to resonate with the innermost parts of ourselves as well as the spirit of the world around us. This union of sound and setting, encourages you to let go, to find harmony with life's rhythm, and to sync with the earth's natural pulse.
Driven by a deep connection to the natural world and the myriad ways in which sound enriches our existence, my artistic path is ever evolving, inspired by the intrinsic human need to connect with nature. My sound baths are my offering to you—a space for stillness, a moment of solace, and a chance for renewal, all underscored by the powerful interconnectedness that binds us to life itself.
Through each performance, I aim to hold space and open a doorway to calm and to remind us of the profound beauty that is not only within us but also all around us, in the nurturing arms of nature that hold us.



Immerse yourself in the transformative benefits of a Sound Bath led by artist Kevin Charlie, and embark on a journey of self-care and holistic well-being as ethereal sounds wash over you, rejuvenating your spirit.