Say Thanks to Frontline Workers Movement

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, hospital workers, police officers, food handlers, postal carriers - and more - are working on the front lines around the clock to save our lives every day while we self isolate and practice physical distancing. We know that many of you want to thank them for all they do, and we want to help you show your appreciation. 

It’s simple: purchase your choice of card, let us know what you want to say, and where you want to address it. We will write it out for you and mail it. In your shopping cart, you will see a box at the lower lefthand side of your screen asking if you would like to leave a message for the seller. There you can let us know:

Who you would like the card sent to 
What message you'd like us to write
Where the card is to be mailed to

Please be as clear as possible. Note, this is not limited to only one card. You can make multiple requests as well. Please reach out if you have any other questions.