Lumette! - LumRum Alt-Spirit (750ml)
Lumette! - LumRum Alt-Spirit (750ml)
Lumette! - LumRum Alt-Spirit (750ml)
Lumette! - LumRum Alt-Spirit (750ml)

Lumette! - LumRum Alt-Spirit (750ml)

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Lumette! is Canada’s first non-alcoholic, zero proof distilled spirits. Made in Sooke, British Columbia, using traditional distillery methods and natural botanicals. Lumette! offers 100% of the versatility in an aromatic spirit with 0% hangover.

The non-alcoholic LumRum is Lumette!'s version of a spiced spirit along the lines of a golden “rum”. Traditionally distilled with classic rum spices like cinnamon, clove, cardamom and ginger, and featuring a dark rum-like colour. Perfect with your favourite cola or ginger ale OR in a non-alc tiki cocktail!

0% Alcohol. All Natural Flavours. Premium Botanicals.

Created by Lumette in Sooke, BC

750ml glass bottle

Lumette! recommends that a bottle remains unopened no longer than one year after you purchase it, so you can enjoy its maximum flavour potential. Once opened, they suggest to consume the contents within three months. Store the spirit in a cool, dark place to maintain its freshness.

Water, natural botanical distillates, extracts, citric acid, potassium sorbate

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About Lumette! Alt-Spirit

Lumette! was born out of the admiration of all things natural, and a love for cocktail culture.

Just like normal spirits like gin or vodka, Lumette! Alt-Spirits are created using a traditional distilling method. Premium botanicals and local spring water are placed in a still, brought and distilled to created the final product. Lumette! uses premium aromatics and no imitation flavourings. The rich colours found in each bottle are due to the high levels of authentic botanical essential oils, giving each Lumette! product its unique flavour.