New Shop Hours, Treat Yourself Tuesdays, and Power Down Wednesdays

New Shop Hours, Treat Yourself Tuesdays, and Power Down Wednesdays

We are back with a new vision, and our shop hours are shifting to reflect that change. Hours for both curbside pickups and in store shopping are Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 5pm. We are closed on Sundays and statutory holidays, and we will be working behind closed doors on Monday.

Treat Yourself Tuesdays


This Summer every Tuesday is a special occasion at Labour of Love. Our new Roll the Dice Weekly Sale will begin Tuesday on August 3rd!


Here’s How it Works…

Every Tuesday a special item will be chosen for the dice toss to determine a 24-hour discount of up to 60%. The discount will be automatically applied to the sale item at checkout so you can easily treat yourself to a sweet deal!

Any item from our inventory could go on sale. The necklace you always wanted or the prints you’ve been eyeing that are perfect for your living room might go on sale… Follow us on Insta – discount and on sale items will be announced on every Tuesday morning at 8am, starting August 3rd!



Power Down Wednesdays


A mindful shopping experience. Wednesday, we will switch our shop to a power down mode. To give ourselves time to slow down and reconnect with our body, mind and soul.


Here's How it Works...

We'll ask you to leave your shoes and your worries at our doorway. Power off all your devices. Follow the natural sunlight, birds singing, nature and water sounds. Enjoy our shop in a whole new way.

Upon arrival, please ring the doorbell, and use the password “Life is good” to come in. This is a closed door, password admission entry only. We’re here from noon to 5pm. Curbside pickup and in-store shopping are welcome.



Have any questions about our shopping hours? Please use the contact form below to send us a brief note.