Together Even When We're Apart

The Story

We are all feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Economically, socially and even spiritually.
The shutdown has turned vibrant and diverse communities and business districts into ghost towns, with many of our favourite restaurants, bars, cafes and local shops having to shutter their windows and doors.
Together we can change that. We can bring back life to our communities. In partnership with Partial Gallery, and a generous sponsorship from Grassroots Advertising Inc., Labour of Love is launching an art initiative called Together Even When We’re Apart.
This initiative will help save our communities and business districts by sparking joy and giving people another reason to visit. We believe this will support local artists, and be a way to use art to bring hope and comfort to all of us. 
Our first series will feature 11 Toronto artists and have the theme of nature and resilience. Their artwork will be featured in 4’ x 6’ posters throughout the downtown core, from the East End to the West End, on the windows of empty shops and boarded up buildings. 
These art posters will be available for sale as smaller prints, exclusively at Labour of Love. All proceeds, less printing costs, will go directly back to the artist. 
Together Even When We’re Apart! 

About the Artists

Bellwoods Memories
Malika Pannek
8 x 10" Digital Print

Black Rose
Daniel Maluka
8 x 10" Digital Print

Liang Wang
8 x 10" Digital Print

Chew and Spit
Genevieve Blais
8 x 10" Digital Print

Larissa Mattwich
8 x 10" Digital Print

Interior Religion No. 7
Ruthia Pak Regis
8 x 10" Digital Print

New Can, Who dis?
Erin MacKeen
8 x 10" Digital Print

Prefix - Untitled P8
Farihah Shah
8 x 10" Digital Print

Shark Tank
Avi Odenheimer
8 x 10" Digital Print


Still Life (Product of Costa Rica)
Devon Pryce
8 x 10" Digital Print

What's Your Order?
Amy Wetton
8 x 10" Digital Print



The Art Posters Around the City

Interested in visiting the art posters at their various locations around the city? Print off the PDF list here.