Jane Lee

Jane Lee has taught yoga & meditation for ten years, and has had a personal practice for over twenty years. However, for many of those years, her practice wasn't consistent. That changed when she was diagnosed with cancer, and then her practice shifted to a much deeper level. The daily, connected meditation and yoga practice was instrumental in her healing journey, and she left her corporate career to share the life-changing wellness practices with others. Author of the 5-star rated book The Answer: How to Get the Best Answers to Your Life's Biggest Questions, she offers Well-being and Cancer Coaching, Meditation and Yoga classes, and Energy Healing (Qigong). Jane looks forward to helping you connect with your inner peace and wisdom on Power Down Wednesdays.

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2 - Cultivating Resilience | Group Mindfulness & Reiki

September 27 2023

3 - Coping with Cancer

September 27 2023
Join Well-being and Cancer Coach, Jane Lee, to hear how she dealt with a colon cancer diagnosis in her 30s

4 - Wonderful Wednesdays: Refreshment break/ Ilan Lev Method Movement Session

September 27 2023
Suitable for anyone who wish to be refreshed. Go off-screen, plug into the joy of possibilities, and aerate your system through movements.


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