October 4 2023 | From 10 to 11PM

5 - Cultivating Resilience | Group Mindfulness & Reiki

In collaboration with Cabbagetown retailer and wellness residency, Labour of Love, Toronto-based Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach, Fabio da Silva Fernandes (and owner of Resting Bell Wellness Inc.) will lead holistic practices with a focus on helping you connect with, and cultivate your own sense of resilience. These practices combine both mindfulness meditation and Reiki to help release emotional and energic blockages as well as deepen your awareness of your own personal power and innate wisdom.

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2 - Cultivating Resilience | Group Mindfulness & Reiki

September 27 2023

3 - Coping with Cancer

September 27 2023
Join Well-being and Cancer Coach, Jane Lee, to hear how she dealt with a colon cancer diagnosis in her 30s

4 - Wonderful Wednesdays: Refreshment break/ Ilan Lev Method Movement Session

September 27 2023
Suitable for anyone who wish to be refreshed. Go off-screen, plug into the joy of possibilities, and aerate your system through movements.

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