[pa dǝ dø]

[pa dǝ dø]

A line of architectural accessories designed and created in Ukraine.

The [pa dǝ dø] mission is to defend freedom, architecture all the while discovering new ties – between art, shape, material and people. [pa dǝ dø] is a dance.

[pa dǝ dø] creates new ties by supporting architectural monuments of modernism, konstruktivism, brutalism and post-modernism and bringing them to a large audience through the creation of the show stopping accessories. 

Sales of [pa dǝ dø] pieces help the architect designers establish a fun for the support of architectural heritage.

Now at Labour of Love

Collection: “New Ties”

Architect: Anastasiia Gulak

Inspiration: Architecture of Modernism, Soviet Constructivism, Brutalism, Postmodernism, The Works of Sonia Delaunay, Michale Graves, El Lissitzky, Nikolay Suetin

Function: Art accessories 

Material : Isolation material, plastic facade stucco, facade paint, ties created from real leather & cotton, magnet closures

Made in: Kharkiv, Ukraine by a group of passionate architects

Photography by Alexey Ponamarev