Mi Mi Restaurant

The Trieu family moved to Canada from Vietnam in 1986.  The parents followed their passion for food, and opened their first location at 686 Gerrard (East China Town) back in 1994. Their daughter, Tuyet Ni Trieu, (kids called her Mi Mi), started working at her parent’s restaurant when she was in grade 13. She is known for her attentive customer service; welcoming smiles, and always remembering client’s names and their favourite dishes! 

Growing up Ni never aspired to be in the restaurant business. Like many immigrant families, their parents didn't speak English, and they couldn't afford to hire staff when they were just starting out. So the kids had to help out with the customer service side of the business while their parents were working in the kitchen. Through the years Ni has developed her passion for customer service and has bonded with people over their mutual appreciation for good food.  “I have since made so many friends - and this is the main driver of my passion for customer service.”

Mi Mi is moving!

Relax! She is just relocating next door to 686a Gerrard Street East. While continuing to serve up their most popular dish #98 Bbq Pork and Spring Rolls with Vermicelli, and their next best sellers #20A Bun Rieu and #20 Coconut Curry. Ni is planning on putting Banh Mi on her menu!

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Mi Mi

WHO: Owner / Operator - Tuyet Ni Trieu

WHEN: First location opened in 1994

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