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Holiday Gift Guide – Andrew Pike

For the Rugged Gentleman

Perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors.
QEW, 401, and 400 series highway socks

Warm and cozy

Campfire Cookbook

The complete guide to eating well in the wild

Camping Cutlery

A must have for camping, this cutlery set features a spoon, fork, knife and corkscrew

Rolltop Backpack

Plenty of storage for all your outdoors essentials. This backpack is water resistant, features a handy roll top to expand or reduce its size.

Rugged Gentleman Body, Face and Linen Spritz

Featuring patchouli, sage and other essential oils for the true rugged gent.

Credit Card Tool

10, yes 10, tools in one. Indispensable! 

For the Entertainer that already has it all

Wine Wars Game
The trivia game for wine connoisseurs and wannabes.
Listography Game
Create and share lists based on fun and thought provoking topics. Every round results in creative thinking, surprise outcomes and lots of laughs.
Taco Takeover Game
Who will put together their custom taco order first? A fun and fast paced game for families and friends.
About Us Boomer Edition Game
Do you know your boomer facts? This game is perfect for those of the boomer generation and their peers.
Mind Reader
Put your psychic powers to the test and astound friends and family with this brilliantly entertaining Mind Reader game.
Wine Cork Candles
Non drip candles are all the rage, but these wine cork candles are just the opposite. These fabulously fun candles fit a wine bottle perfectly and create that vintage dripping candle look.

For your vegan friend

Donut socks
100% vegan, sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. Fun socks that will please any sweet lover.
Vegan Botanical Foamer
Perfect for any at-home mixologist, the vegan botanical foamer replaces egg whites in your favourite cocktails. 
Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
Functional and beautiful, a must-have.
The Little Cocktail Box
Featuring recipes for everyone's favourite spirits: vodka, rum, gin, and erh.. tequila.
Brandy Cocktail Cherries
Handcrafted brandy cocktail cherries to elevate your spirits.
Stackable Ice Trays
Make mini, medium and big ice cubes as they suit your drinks. Stackable, so it saves on high demand freezer space around the holidays.

For the animal lover

Animal Eye Masks
Fox, Raccoon, Owl and Cat. There's a creature for everyone's tastes. 
Animal Small Pillows
Pug, Boston Terrier, Raccoon or Cat, these spruce up the couch of the animal lover and are perfect for the nursery too.
Cat Lady for Life Mug
You know who you're giving this too. Filling this item with cat toys is optional, but recommended.
Gotamago Cat and Dog Petting Guide Totes
A handy guide to optimal petting zones and danger zones for your favourite pets.

For the host that deserves to be truly pampered

Neighbourhood Candles featuring Distillery, Rosedale and The Beaches
Beautiful scents inspired by different Toronto 'hoods. 
Rouge Provence Tea
A steeply reduced ticket to the Provence in a cup. Delicious and caffeine free, perfect for early evening. 
Wanderlust Bath Soak
A grounding bath to soothe and nourish the body. Therapeutic salts relieve muscle tension, while rose, ylang ylang and eucalyptus quiet the mind.