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"I believe Regina's care for her team, customers and all those she works with, is what made my partnership with Labour of Love a success. Working with the team far exceeded my expectations. The process was very organized - it actually helped me to get more organized myself. they were accommodating and easy to communicate with.

Regina's experience and knowledge of her client base was very helpful in giving me insight into how I should market my product, connect with my clients, and structure my pricing. She went above and beyond, even setting up after hours with me to ensure that my product was interactive and presented in a way that resonated with her clients.

The sales team was wonderful and really took the time to understand my product. There is a genuine honesty in their interaction with clients which makes for a pleasant shopping experience; and I believe this is why they have a loyal customer base. The whole experience was a great learning experience for me. I still use the feedback to help guide me, right from the design stage. Thank you Labour of Love team! I could not recommend you more."

Jo Stewart of Cedar & Vine, Weyburn SK

"I have worked with Regina for 10 years and she has always been one of my favourite retailers for many reasons. She has a thorough understanding of her customers and her experience in the retail landscape is unmatched. I have learned so much from her as an entrepreneur and a fellow business owner and am so inspired by her ability to constantly reinvent her space and her business model. She makes it feel fresh but consistent at the same time. She makes the effort to get to know her customers and her suppliers equally, creating an environment that serves them both. She has always taken the time to learn every detail about our product - how it's made, what the materials are, and what makes it special. She then effectively communicates that to her customers in a way that not only builds trust and loyalty with her store, but also with our brand. I trust her wholeheartedly in representing our product and ensuring that it is always displayed artfully. I have visited the store on multiple occasions for in-person events and everything is always beautiful and carefully curated. We receive a comprehensive sales report every month and all payments are always on time. I really can't recommend Labour of Love enough as a partner for any brand.” 

Hailey Gerrits, Vancouver BC

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"I had a wonderful book event at Labour of Love. Regina did such a great job of setting things up and getting the word out so that everyone had such a happy, successful day of shopping, snacking and chatting. We also sold a ton of books! Regina makes it so that her shop is a true gathering spot for the community: no small feat in the retail landscape.”

Amy Rosen, Author of Toronto Eats, Toronto ON

“The first time i walked into the Labour of Love, I was bolted into passionate conversation by Regina - founder and queen of this lovely shop. She shared with me about the care they put into each detail of the shop - details that do not go unnoticed. This became my go-to place for unique gifts and tokens of affection when i travel. The staff are always ready to help find that perfect thing for the friend who might be normally tough to buy for. Beyond that, Regina took a special interest in my music career and we created two beautiful events together - combining music and community - the heart beat of it all.”

Julie Neff, Singer Songwriter, Toronto ON

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