Crafty Ramen

Miki Ferrall moved from Japan to Vancouver for school in 2005. She met her future husband, Jared Ferrall through culture exchange, where they bonded over a shared passion - their love of food, particularly ramen! After they left their jobs working on a private yacht, they moved to Japan, attended Yamato School of Ramen learning the art of making ramen together. During their time in Japan they travelled from the Southwest to the Northeast, visited countless ramen-den.

In 2017 they opened their first “Crafty Ramen” in Guelph. Their vision: "bringing the comfort food from home, adapting to Canadian palates without changing the authenticity of Japanese culture.” Traditionally Japanese ramen uses pork based broth, but to include a broader audience in Canada, they changed the soup base to chicken broth and vegetable broth. As a result, on the day of their grand opening on Feb 14th 2017, there was a line up around the block and they were sold out in half a day!

Since then they have opened a second location in Kitchener, Waterloo and expanded their in-house ramen making facility. In 2020 they teamed up with a new partner, built a virtual Crafty Ramen Market, and launched their online shop where they sell DIY Kits that come with fresh ingredients, easy to follow cooking instructions, so you can build your own tasty ramen bowls and gyoza at home, all while going through COVID lockdowns!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Dining out or ordering in? If you want to impress your date, order their DIY kits to make your own tasty, restaurant quality ramen or gyoza in the comfort of your home! You can find them online, from their Ramen Market or a local boutique grocery near you. Click here to find out more.


WHO: Owner/operator – Miki and Jared Ferrall

WHEN: Open since 2017

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