Event Round Up: Careergasm Book-signing and Reading

Last Saturday, lovely Sarah Vermunt joined us to sign her newly released book "Careergasm."

Sarah read from her book and answered questions about work, life, and how to go after your dreams and goals. We loved hearing people speak openly about their passions and hesitations. Or the dirty little secret – that so many of us are unhappy at work and that we simply don't talk about it.

It was so inspiring to be in a space of honest discussion. Days later we're still talking about our own aspirations for 2017; how we can embrace our Plan B, eat our fears, and find joy and fulfillment.

A little gem from Sarah at the event (heavily paraphrased, excuse us). “Follow your curiosities. Before anything in life becomes a passion it starts with a curiosity for that activity. So don’t brush these inklings aside, but investigate them. You might just be stumbling onto a life long passion.”

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